Shelves for extra storage space in the shed, by Pepijn

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Very easy

2 minutes

Everything is neat and tidy in Pepijn's shed! He made shelves from plywood. The shelves are well supported and are 30 mm thick so that they are a sturdy unit. Pepijn chose poplar plywood: a strong type of wood! Plywood poplar is a soft type of wood and is delivered untreated, which is why it is important to protect these panels well. Pepijn also took care of this by painting the panel twice with wood paint. Curious about his tips? Read on quick! 

Shelves in the shed, by Pepijn

4 shelves have been created in the shed with 30mm plywood. Because heavy things will be placed on it, heavy shelf supports were used.

How I made this project

4 planks of 30mm plywood arrived untreated. The corners of all 4 planks were first removed so that no heads can be bumped when entering the shed. After this, the sharp edges were sanded. Because the plywood was already quite smooth in itself, the whole was lightly sanded again. After this, white wood paint was applied over it twice. Attaching it to the wall is done with heavy supports because a lot of weight is placed on it.

Dimensions of my DIY project

4 planks of 36.0 cm deep and 200, 0 cm wide

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How next?

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