Oval coffee table with side table, by Nico

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An Ellips Coffee table with stainless steel legs and the top covered with desktop linoleum, the edges are finished in black. In the same style, a side table with floor

Create a custom oval table

Stainless steel staff 8mm bent and wire cut at the ends. These are mounted on steel strips which are screwed to the underside of the tables. Slots milled in the tops so that the nuts with which the legs are mounted to the strips are recessed into the top.

Placed the tops on the linoleum and drew out the pattern with excess using a spacer block. (2.5 cm thick block). Cut out the linoleum and then glued it to the tops with contact glue. Then cut away the protruding material.

Custom oval tables

Salon table 210.0 x 70.0 cm
Side table 140.0 x 30.0 cm


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