A self-made and tiled side table with a base of OSB plates, by Jonathan

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2 minutes

Description by Jonathan

We wanted to use subway tiles or hand-moulded tiles somewhere in our interior, but there was actually no perfect place. At the same time we also wanted an extra side table, but it had to be unique. There the two wishes came together: a tiled block! We will place the block in different places. The first is as shown in the photo: under the TV shelf, next to a large plant. The next place is next to the coffee table: that is a large white low square. The alabaster hand-shaped tiles fit well with everything around them: the cast floor, white wall, large pot and the wood.

How I made this project

The dimensions are completely tailored to the tile size: 13.2 x 13.2 cm. We also included the thickness of the wood. We wanted very accurately sawn parts, which is why we (again) ended up at Opmaatzagen.nl. We glued the tiles with half a tube of Bison PolyMax that was left over from a previous project and Bison mounting kit Ultimate. With both sealants, the tiles were secured almost immediately! The sawn parts fit together perfectly because the dimensions were very accurate.

Dimensions of my DIY project

L: 67.0 cm W: 54.5 cm H: 40.5 cm

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