Making a heating cove for the living room and bedroom, by Barry

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Cove and extra seats

conversion/cove around the radiators in the living room and the bedroom. Conversion with vertical planks and a sturdy frame that can support this. can also be used as an extra seat.

How do you make a cove around the radiator?

Before I started with the frame, I first installed a 4.0 cm insulation plate behind the radiator with radiator foil placed on top. The frame is made of 50x50 mm spruce beams. The height of the frame is 610mm, so the radiator cove fits tightly with the frame. The vertical planks are 10mm thick MDF, the long vertical planks are 610 x 100 x 10, the top short 265 x 100 x 10 (l x w x d). I had this cut to size by The distance between the planks is also 10 (mm), which allows sufficient heat to escape during heating. To be able to continue using the radiator knob without much effort, I left 1 plank loose. (blank plank in photo 6)

Custom soffit

2420 x 610 x 265 mm (w x h x d), bedroom deviates from this by a few cm, starting size was the window.

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