Chest of drawers transformed into a chest of drawers with custom-sawn MDF, by Stephanie

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Description by Stephanie

I converted an IKEA MNES chest of drawers into a chest of drawers with a diaper shelf, with the aim of having a larger surface without losing storage space. I kept the dresser as a base, added structure to the back and replaced the top plate. Everything in MDF, with two thicknesses (horizontal parts 18 mm, vertical elements and movable shelves 12 mm), and I ordered the shelves with finished edges. I painted everything in white with a roller.

How I made this project

I started by painting each part separately with two coats of child-friendly paint. To install the dowels and position the shelves, I pre-drilled all the holes using a guide and a cordless hand drill. I then used dowels to create a T-shaped structure and screwed it securely to the dresser. This structure provides stability and makes efficient use of space with shelves. I also used the existing holes in the chest of drawers to attach the top plate. Finally, I added raised edges to the top plate to prevent items from falling off.

Dimensions of my DIY project

H: 105.2 cm
W: 101.0 cm
D: 77.3 cm

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