Homemade conversion for central heating boiler and washing machine, by Leon

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2 minutes

In this DIY project you see the end result of Leon's homemade conversion for the washing machine, dryer and central heating boiler. After being satisfied with the first order, Leon also ordered the other parts to complete the entire conversion. The result is a super neat entrance! Read below how Leon tackled this project with MDF Primed material.

Description of Leon

This is the completion of the project in which we realized a conversion around the central heating boiler and washing machine. These are located in the utility room where guests enter, making our entrance a lot neater. In an earlier review I already showed the initial stages of how we designed the basic conversion. Because we were satisfied with the ordered materials, we also decided to order the rest of the materials from TOSIZE.it. We wanted to add cupboard doors, 2 drawers and 2 drawers on which the laundry basket can stand when packing/unpacking the washing machine.

How I made this project

After After calculating the sizes, we ordered this and it was delivered quickly and professionally to size. After this it was a matter of placing the hinges and guide rail and the dimensions turned out to be exactly correct, making it one whole. We had forgotten to order the fronts of the drawers for the laundry basket, but luckily the leftover pieces were included and we could use them for this. Very satisfied with this project and will definitely order here again in the future.
Step 1: see previous description for the frame
Step 2: measure/order from TOSIZE.it
Step 3: install hinges and guide rail
Step 4: drawers making the supplied materials
Step 5: make a round notch so that hinges can be mounted in the door
Step 6: placing doors and drawers and sets
Step 6: painting and finishing (kit etc. .)

Dimensions of my DIY project

138.0 cm wide
218.0 cm high
62.0 cm deep

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