Custom guitar amplifier conversion made of birch plywood, by Davide

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Davide orders sawn birch plywood online to create a custom cabinet for guitar amplifiers. The result is an amplifier with a truly unique appearance. Especially by using birch plywood, the grain of the wood comes out very nicely.

Description by Davide

I regularly build guitars cabinet or combo or head shells made by plywood birch. Cut in size is super helpfull and makes life easy.

How I made this project

Ordered 4 sides panels Top and Bottom + 2 sides ordered front and back panel I use pins system similar to the one used by wooden furniture to stick panels together + wood glue. After that when the wood is rounded on the edges and ready sanded down for finishing it is covered with Tolex vinyl and all the related accessories such Marshall Handle, front Grillcloth and rubber feet. Finally, speaker is mounted and connected to the Amp that is screwed on the rear top panel.

Dimensions of my DIY project

55.0 cm x 47.0 cm x 24.0 cm

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