Kitchen block from Underlayment, by Liza

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What have you made?

A kitchen unit for the kitchen of my home, so that all appliances are behind doors. The dishwasher is a built-in dishwasher and there is a washing machine behind the bulkhead.

How did you make the block?

The kitchen of the house has a fixed countertop on the other side with a large china cupboard. This side of the kitchen had to have a dishwasher, washing machine and oven. But preferably behind doors. The project started with connecting the water supply hoses, then measuring where the doors needed to be and how deep the washing machine needed. The dishwasher also needed a baseboard to allow the valve to be turned. The doors have a small amount of clearance between each other to allow them to turn.

What are the dimensions?

The worktop on top is 202.0 cm long and 74.0 cm deep. /p>

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How next?

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