Solid oak bar for kitchen island, by Jeroen

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We wanted to add a small breakfast bar to our kitchen island. We found an example on the website and adjusted it slightly so that it would fit our kitchen island. We ordered the bar slightly larger, so that it falls neatly over the kitchen worktop.

Custom breakfast bar

We were able to pick up the package at a delivery point, which means we were able to get started quickly. Because the wood had already been sawn to size, we were quickly able to screw the side panels to the top panel. For extra strength, we have placed a corner bracket at the bottom in the corners of the top. The wood is beautifully finished and you could possibly choose to apply a nice varnish. We have not (yet) done this. With the two nice stools, our new breakfast bar was ready in no time! We are very satisfied, and it fits perfectly into our interior.

The dimensions of the project

The wood is 33.0 cm deep, and the side panels are 95.0 cm high and the top is 1.25 m long. LxWxH: 125.0 x33.0 x95.0

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