Homemade bar, rack above the sofa and table, by Joost

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2 minutes


We wanted a small bar in the corner in the kitchen. For this we ordered an oak panel measuring 112.0 by 51.0 cm with two rounded corners, sawn it to size (had to go around a few corners) and treated it with stain for a beautiful and kitchen-resistant result. We also ordered an oak panel measuring 218.0 by 25.6 cm to make a table behind the sofa. Both panels were nicely sized and of good quality. Very happy with the end result!

Work description: how did you realize your project

For the bar we measured the outside dimensions and extended them by 3.5 cm (since we used rounded corners with had chosen a radius of 3.0 cm and had to saw away a corner). We used a circular saw and a jigsaw to cut the top to perfect size (had to go around a frame and the wall was not completely straight). After this, it was treated with garden stain, attached to the wall in two places with hooks and a leg underneath at the point.

We didn't have to do as much for the table behind the sofa: we treated it with clear varnish and a wall hook is attached by means of two legs.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

112.0 cm by 51.0 cm

218.0 cm by 25.6 cm

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