A bar with wine cooler custom-made for the kitchen, by Rudy

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2 minutes

Sometimes you discover after a while that you lack space in your kitchen. And that you would like a wine cooler. How nice is it to tackle this project yourself with sawn sheet material ordered online. Rudy got to work and made a beautiful and practical bar with wine cooler. Fits well with the rest of his existing kitchen!

Description by Rudy

We have created a bar in our kitchen with a number of sheets of black moisture-resistant MDF and a 40mm thick pine top. This also includes space for a wine refrigerator. This is placed over the radiator

How I made this project

Ordered custom wood and then assembled it with angle irons and attached it to the wall. The compartment of the wine cooler is made of 18mm moisture-resistant black MDF, on the right side I placed two 18mm plates on top of each other for a little more strength and appearance. Had the top cut to size and only made two openings for a socket and grille for the radiator. Finally, everything was painted in matte black, just like the kitchen itself.

Dimensions of my DIY project

I ordered a top that was 170.0 cm wide, which is what I ended up with. used. Dimensions are as (simple) drawing (10cm wider), only double plate MDF used on the right

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