New fronts for IKEA FAKTUM kitchen, by Jelle

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The fronts of my old Faktum kitchen needed to be replaced. Since this kitchen line is no longer supported, I started working on it myself. I opted for a combination of birch plywood and MDF in neomint.

Replaced the fronts with plywood and MDF

Ordered all panels from in the correct dimensions and did all the finishing myself . I rounded the corners with an edge cutter, milled the black handles into the MDF, drilled holes for the hinges and then primed and lacquered them. I mitered a corner of the plywood panels to act as a handle. I finished these panels with transparent matte varnish. The kitchen wall still needs to be tiled and I still have to do skirting boards.

The dimensions of the project

Short side is 244.0 cm
Long side is 272.0 cm /p>

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