Replacing the kitchen cabinets with MDF panels, by Arnout

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Arnout shares his kitchen renovation on this page in which he replaced the kitchen cabinets with MDF panels. He provides useful steps and tips for this project. With his DIY approach, Arnout has created an affordable and stylish upgrade for his kitchen. Follow his steps and replace your kitchen cabinets with MDF panels for a fresh and modern look.

Description of Arnout

We replaced the old kitchen cabinets by installing new doors with MDF, whereby we combined cabinets for a calmer whole. We also painted the kitchen.

How I made this project

We first measured the old kitchen cabinets and added the lengths and widths using a sketch and chose how we would paint the cabinets. wanted to merge. We then ordered and completed the custom plates. We then dismantled the kitchen cabinets and painted both the kitchen and the doors with a lacquer paint (Dried Holly). Finally, we hung the doors and this was the result. The refrigerator door is still being used, we started a little too quickly ;)

Dimensions of my DIY project

60.0 x 50.0 cm

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