From classic old kitchen doors to new sleek kitchen doors, by Rene

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This page tells the story of René, who gave his kitchen cabinets a makeover by replacing the old classic doors with sleek new doors. Rene shares his experience and steps to realize this transformation. With his DIY approach, Rene has given a fresh look to his kitchen and saved money at the same time. Discover how you can give your kitchen a new look with these useful tips.

Description by Rene

As can be seen in the photos, we had an old Burgundian kitchen. The doors in particular were no longer nice. I wanted nice smooth doors from the profile. But they had to be moisture resistant. The rest of the kitchen was still good, so a new kitchen was not the intention. We have various sizes of doors and drawers. Everything was passed on and everything was processed perfectly down to the mm.

How I made this project

Measured old doors and drawers. Quite a number and also various sizes. Came to this site via Google because the material had to be moisture-resistant because it would be in the kitchen. It turns out that - for us - it also has the right background color. Placed this order and delivered perfectly down to the last mm. We bought a hole drill to transfer the hinges. Went smoothly too. Holes were drilled for the new handles and coated with a scratch-resistant clear coat. Totally great. We have a kitchen that can continue for many years to come. Thank you!

Dimensions of my DIY project

Various sizes. See order.

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How next?

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