Homemade headboard and cupboard doors from Spruce Timmerpanel, by Mees

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Description by Mees

Mees made a beautiful conversion around the heating behind our bed, which also serves as a headboard. We came across the Ikea cabinets and they fit well. The bed conversion is also from Ikea, and we bought it second-hand (Espevar). We wanted a wooden headboard, but most of what we saw was not suitable or very expensive. The open clothing cupboard against the wall had beautiful pinewood sliding doors. That gives a very calm, Scandinavian look.

How I made this project

We had had the plan in our heads for a while. We measured the dimensions and first started looking for a wooden bed frame that would suit our idea. Then ordered exactly the right sizes from TOSIZE.it, ideal! And then we got to work! On top of the shelf we have built in two grilles for the heating behind it, so that the heat can still pass through. The job took about a day, and then it was done.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The width of the headboard is 297.0 cm and the height is 110.0 cm.

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