Cabinet renovation: building a new base cabinet for an old kitchen cabinet from 1893, by Frank

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I made a base cabinet with 2 shelves with a milled edge at the top. This was part of a restoration project of an old kitchen cupboard.
Now our participation medals from the run are displayed at the top of this cupboard. Very cool, partly thanks to the substructure that has been created.

Renovating an old cupboard

I first measured the old kitchen cupboard. Then I came up with a more spacious base cabinet. This is aesthetically more beautiful. The top cabinet is very robust and cannot use a small base cabinet.

The top shelf of the base cabinet protrudes 15.0 cm at the front and 2.0 cm on the left.

The shelves were measured by taking the height of the ceiling into account (2.0 cm clearance).

Everything was of course ordered custom-made from (8 planks), 2 skirting boards, 1 back wall, 1 top plate, 2 side walls, 2 horizontal shelves.

After delivery, the sheet metal is primed and coated twice. The screw holes have been slightly deepened to conceal the screw heads and then filled with wood filler before painting.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

The base cabinet is approximately 130.0 wide, 76.0 high and 60.0 deep. Dimensions are in centimeters.

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