Surface for the workpiece “Hidden landscape”, T229, ceramics, by Iet

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Iet wanted a perfect surface for her studio to create her work, the 'hidden landscape' to show. With MDF black sheet material sawn to size by Iet now has a sleek surface. Do you also have a sleek black surface for your artwork or workpiece? Then take a look at Iet's project for inspiration!

Description of Iet

The black MDF is the perfect surface for the workpiece “Hidden landscape”, T229, ceramic. It makes the work stand out even more. Together with the work: ice, water and clay, in which the tiles are attached to black MDF (in 2018), it was on display at the WG Kunst Weekend salon, May 8 and 9, 2022.

How I did this project

It was only necessary to place the plates somewhere and connect them together. There was almost nothing visible of the seam. The dimensions were chosen in such a way that the ceramic workpieces could be positioned well apart from each other. For the other work I attached the ceramic elements to the MDF with glue. The dark lines that can be seen between the tiles play a part in the map of the village in Friesland

Dimensions of my DIY project

70.0 x 300.0 cm

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