A homemade dining table made of birch plywood, by Anne

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How much fun is it to customize your own dining table? Especially if you are specifically looking for something that fits well with the rest of your interior. Custom-made birch plywood lends itself very well as a table top. The visible layers on the side give it a beautiful appearance. In this DIY project, Anne shows how she went about making her own custom dining table.

Description of Anne

My other furniture is mostly made of light wood. but most dining tables that are sold are made of oak or dark wood. That's why I made this dining table from 30mm birch plywood.

How I made this project

There were some gaps in the edges of the top. On advice, I filled it with sanding dust mixed with wood glue, and I was even sent a sample especially for this purpose. After this I sanded the top lightly and varnished it twice on both sides with transparent Skylt varnish. After some more light sanding, I applied the third coat. The end result is a well-protected, matt dining table top. Then I screwed a base under it and my table is ready!

Dimensions of my DIY project

160.0 x 90.0 cm (10.0 cm radius corners) /p>

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How next?

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