Make your own custom room divider from MDF and Mahogany, by Alex

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2 minutes

Alex made a custom room divider himself. He used custom-sawn MDF for this project. In this project, Alex shows how he custom-made the room divider himself and what the end result is. 

Description by Alex

A room divider. The divider consists of three parts: - a high MDF cabinet of 222.0 cm high, 53.3 cm wide and 50.0 cm deep. The tall cabinet has five shelves. The middle shelf is fixed for strength.
- a horizontal cabinet made of MDF measuring 45.0 cm high, 160.0 cm wide and 50.0 cm deep. The horizontal cabinet has three pull-out chests.
- a rack made of mahogany wood, 222.0 cm high and 106.0 cm wide. The fronts of the door of the tall cabinet and the boxes are made of a 12mm base plate with 9mm parts glued on top. Two more niches have been incorporated into the tall cabinet to make the back of the cabinet a bit more playful. Two LED strips are incorporated in it.

Work description: how did you realize your project

The three parts are detached and later attached to each other. The tall cabinet and the horizontal cabinet are screwed and glued together. The horizontal cabinet is equipped with an aluminum strip at the front for strength. The screw holes are closed with two-component filler. The cabinets are secured together with four countersunk bolts and then screwed into the wall with four screws. As for the mahogany wood rack: it is equipped with a threaded end in three places, each with a spacer of 2.5 cm around it to ensure the same intermediate lengths everywhere. The rack is nailed and glued to a horizontal slat at the top and bottom. The boxes for the horizontal cabinet have four wheels that fall under the front, so that they do not stand out.

Final size: What are the external dimensions?

268.0 cm high
160.0 cm wide

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