A homemade room divider cabinet made of MDF with Ikea cabinets as a base, by Arjan

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2 minutes

Making your own room divider is a fun project! Arjan shows how he has handled this cleverly. By using Ikea cabinets as a basis and ordering sawn MDF online, he can get started almost immediately. The result is a beautiful custom-made room divider cabinet that looks great in the living room. 

Description by Arjan

A room divider cabinet made of custom-sawn MDF with an interior of standard Ikea cabinets. And doors with drilled hinges without spring and pressure fittings.

How I made this project

First we got the Ikea cabinets and put them together. Then the cabinets were connected so that the interior was assembled. This makes measuring the conversion easier and prevents us from making calculation errors. Then we measured and ordered the MDF. When the MDF was delivered, we started cutting the corner out of the back wall. We then screwed the conversion together using pocket hole connections. This was because we had no visible screws on the outside that we had to fill again later and thus kept nice and smooth MDF on the outside. After the conversion was made, it was sanded, primed and painted. Doors equipped with drilled hinges and pressure fittings

Dimensions of my DIY project

Length 205.0 cm
Height 85.0 cm
Depth 40.5 cm

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How next?

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