Make your own custom room divider for the bedroom, by Remko

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2 minutes

Remko wanted a room divider in his bedroom. He decided to make this room divider completely custom-made himself. He made a design for this, ordered custom MDF and got to work. The end result of this custom room divider in his bedroom is impressive!

Description by Remko

Room divider to separate the sleeping area and clothing area. The partition wall can also be used as a bedside table / bookshelf. The electricity gives it a hotel look. A power point will be placed on the other side so that a dressing table can be placed there with lighting and where you can blow-dry your hair.

How I made this project

First of all, I am a amateur. First I looked to see if furniture or designs already existed. I ended up sketching it myself, because I thought the idea was too simple to have a furniture maker make it. After the idea, I thought about what the construction should look like. To keep things easy with the calculations, I assumed MDF with a thickness of 1 cm. Then ordered planks to size. They are supplied with a sticker showing the location in the design. You must of course indicate this yourself in the order. Then I ordered some 20/30 spruce wood and then it was a matter of screwing. Drill out electrical points, connect and you're done. Prime and paint, voila! The case is a box of 200.0 x 170.0 x 40.0 with an open inner box of 176.0 x 170.0 x 30.0. The extra inner box, which is available in full height, also provides the strength required for 1 cm MDF.

Dimensions of my DIY project

200.0 x170.0 x 40 .0 cm

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How next?

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