Make your own budget-friendly round table from MDF, by Lise

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2 minutes

In the webshop you can not only order custom-sawn rectangles, but also (semi-)circles. This gave Lise the idea to make her own budget-friendly custom table from two semi-circles of 18mm MDF. By using materials very cleverly, she has made a beautiful custom round table herself. By putting a lot of time and love into the finish, the whole thing fits well with the interior and can also last a long time.

Description of Lise

Round dining table with a diameter of 140 cm, consisting of 2 semicircles. The leg consists of 2 semicircles with a wooden frame surrounded by bendable plywood.

How I made this project

As a young family it is sometimes difficult to move the table from your dreams that you find in the store. That's why we came up with a plan to make a table ourselves. First we made the base by putting together a wooden frame. We mounted the 2 round circles with a diameter of 60 cm on the bottom and top of the wooden frame. On top of this we mounted the 2 semicircles with both MDF screws and wood glue. We filled the seam with wood filling. After this we sanded the entire top and gave it 4 layers of paint. For the time being we are going to leave the plywood in wood color, but we may eventually also give it a coat of lacquer.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Diameter of 140.0 cm
Height of 76.0 cm

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