Bay window bench with storage space from Timmerpanel

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Albert Jan

Albert Jan



2 minutes


A sofa that fits in our bay window with storage space underneath in the form of cupboards. Basic IKEA cabinet (BESTA) used and the seat ordered from The radiator casing is made of MDF.

How did you make the bay window?

We started with a TV cabinet module from IKEA (BESTA). Attached to this I made a frame of construction wood to fill the spaces up to the walls. A furniture board (pine) was placed on top of this. This was ordered in slightly overlength with the mitered edges and rounding at the front. Then cut on site to fit the bay window. This was too complicated to order. The seat also runs over the high cupboard to create a whole. The connections in the corners are mitered. The radiator shell is part of the sofa and is made of MDF. Simply put, a rectangular cabinet (miter) with a top plate from which slots have been milled with a router for convection. The radiator shell rests on the frame of the seat and therefore fits nicely into the seat. As a finish, everything is primed twice and lacquered twice in white.

What are the dimensions?

320.0 cm wide, 80.0 cm deep, 140.0 cm high

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How next?

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