Homemade corner sofa in the dining area made of custom-sawn MDF lacquer carrier foil, by Sander

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In this DIY project, Sander shows how he made a corner sofa in his dining area, with custom-sawn MDF lacquer foil. He first made a construction of pine beams and then covered the construction with MDF lacquer carrier foil, which he painted in a black color. Read more about his approach in this article.

Description of Sander

A corner bench for the dining table with storage space

How I made this project

  • Corner sofa developed in Google SketchUp to have all the necessary materials with the correct dimensions
  • Purchase beams obtained from a construction store
  • Had MDF panels delivered sawn to size, including corner finishes /li>
  • Assemble the basic construction with seat parts placed on the construction
  • Assemble the rolling drawers (with wheels under the drawers)
  • All outer parts sanded and varnished ( sides of MDF panels first plastered)
  • Finishing touch with power strip in the corner and handles on the drawers
  • Cushions ordered to size; these are still being delivered

Dimensions of my DIY project

Long side:
W: approx. 260.0 cm
D: 50, 0 cm
H: approx. 90.0 cm

Short side
W: approx. 210.0 cm
D: 50.0 cm
H: approx. 90.0 cm

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