Homemade seating and storage furniture made of oak, by Niels

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Niels shares his project in which he has made beautiful seating and storage furniture from high-quality oak. The piece of furniture not only offers extra seating comfort, but also useful storage space. The result is a functional and stylish piece of furniture that fits perfectly in various interior styles.

Description by Niels

We have made a piece of seating under our vertically sliding window. When the window is open you are literally sitting in the window opening. The furniture has storage compartments with doors.

How I made this project

All oak parts, A/B quality 26 mm, were ordered and delivered exactly to size. We assembled the parts with dowel connections (using a dowel jig). The furniture was then attached to the wall behind it in one piece with a few steel corners (out of sight). The oak wood planks are more than strong enough to sit on. The doors are secured with a line hinge and adhesive magnet. The wood is finished with 2 layers of water-based matt lacquer. The entire project was drawn out 1-on-1 in Sketch Up. The dimensions are taken from this model.

Dimensions of my DIY project

2996 mm wide, 440 mm high, 450 mm deep

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