Wood burning project on pine wood panel, by Ivar

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2 minutes

Description by Ivar

I use hot pins in a soldering iron to mainly burn buildings from self-made photos. You are working with material that is very hot between +-100° Celsius, so be careful to avoid accidents. The trick is also not to make mistakes, because once it has been burned into the wood you cannot remove it. That's why I first make with pencil, then it is easier to work accurately.

How I made this project

I have been painting for a while, and came up with the idea by someone else who also does it, only in a different way. I have always been fascinated by buildings. And also of fire. What I like about wood burning is that it calms you down. What you need is a wooden board, a pencil, not too hard, not too soft, and wood burning material. If you are bothered by the smoke, you can wear a face mask. It is also useful to have an eraser that does not rub off, after it has burned in you have to erase the pencil marks and lines. Once you have burned everything in, sand lightly with fine-grained sandpaper. And finally a layer of varnish over your artwork, I use a transparent matte varnish, but you prefer light, you can also use gloss. I wish you a lot of fun but work safely.

Dimensions of my DIY project

  • 46.5 x 65.5 cm the dimensions of the church
  • 81 x 47.5 cm the dimensions of the mill

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