Laser Cut Wooden Pictures, Durable and Aesthetic, by Sami

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3 minutes

Local artistic creation with laser cutting

If you are looking for an elegant and personalized way to decorate your interior space, be inspired by Sami's project, a remarkable fusion of local craftsmanship and contemporary technology. Sami imagined and created a set of wooden paintings, cut with precision using the innovative technique of laser cutting. These pieces reflect an authentic commitment to sustainability and the valorization of local materials.

Breathtaking precision

This project perfectly illustrates the mastery of laser cutting, a method that not only allows for remarkable precision but also offers unprecedented creative freedom. Using, Sami was able to order custom 6 mm Black V313 MDF, an ideal support for this type of work thanks to its surface uniform and easy to cut.

Unique details

Each painting represents natural or urban scenes, framed in a circular or oval silhouette, with patterns and words evoking a locality or a feeling. The precision of the cutting reveals fine details such as tree leaves, waves or delicate lettering, emphasizing the uniqueness and impeccable finish of each piece.

Aesthetics in the kitchen

In the kitchen, a space often neglected in terms of decoration, the 'ALOHA' painting, with its sun and flower motifs, brings a touch of lightness and #039;originality. Its strategic placement creates an attractive contrast with the bright white of the walls and the worktop, making this space a welcoming and warm place.

The advantages of DIY for tailor-made decoration

p>Undertaking such a project yourself means giving yourself the flexibility to choose not only the dimensions adapted to your space but also the materials. Sami enjoyed great freedom to personalize his paintings and adapt them perfectly to his needs and preferences. In addition, opting for a DIY project allows you to control your budget while having the satisfaction of creating something completely unique.

A style that speaks

The style of these creations can be described as modern and refined, with a minimalist tendency where the silhouette of the elements plays the main role. The use of black color brings a strong character and ensures a distinguished visual presence for each table.

The sustainable selection of MDF Black V313

Choose MDF Black V313 for these wooden paintings are not a coincidence. This material attracts not only for its neat appearance and strength, but also for its ability to be machined with great finesse, which is essential for laser cutting. In addition, its durability makes it an environmentally friendly choice, contributing to the sustainability and value of the Sami project.

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