Custom-made MDF primed panels applied during Independent Hotel Show 2023, by Ingrid

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As a designer, Ingrid was commissioned to design the lobby. She has chosen, among other things, to order custom-made MDF primed panels online and use them in her design. 

Description by Ingrid

I designed the Lobby using only the color blue. It is a circle that is completely closed with curtains. Here are 7 beautiful custom-made plates presented as a table. Fringes have been made on this, with two sitting balls at the table. I used the color red for the entrance.

How I made this project

I was able to realize this project by working with different partners. Textiles and more for the curtains and carpet, Ella Health for the sitting balls, Incentives for the scents and LYP plants for the artificial plants. These partners were able to present their own products in my own designed lobby. Using an existing design, I started looking for partners. It was a very nice collaboration. I thank my partners for this

Dimensions of my DIY project

800.0 x 1100.0 cm

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