Wall panels for home cinema made of plywood, by Ivo

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2 minutes

Description by Ivo

I am working on building a cinema in the basement. To give the walls a real cinema look, I made panels and covered them with textile.

How I made this project

I first calculated how many panels I needed and what the dimensions should be. They are all the same height, but because a house is never exactly straight, I measured the widths. I then drew out how large each beam for the panel should be and had it custom made at opmaatzagen.nl. Each shelf is 5.0 cm thick and made of 22 mm thick plywood. The final panels are approximately 57.5 cm high and 104 cm wide. I had the boxes rounded as a finish so that the textile that is stretched around them does not tear on the sharp edge of the wood and you get a nice separation between the panels. There is a crossbar on half of each panel to prevent bending due to the stretched textile. I miter sawn the beams myself with a circular saw, which gave me perfect 90 degree corners. Some of the panels are filled with glass wool to prevent sound from being reflected on the concrete behind the panel. Ultimately, I framed the panels with aluminum profiles so that they stay in place. They are placed separately and remain in place because of the aluminum frames. This means I can take them out again to, for example, increase or decrease the damping materials if the acoustics require it.

Dimensions of my DIY project

2m30 high and approximately 3m wide per side wall .

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