Dark custom-made black MDF wall covering behind the organ, by the Struik family

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, the Struik family shows how you can easily cover the wall beautifully. Custom-sawn MDF black moisture-resistant 9mm boards were used for this project. Read more about the approach and experience below.

Description of the Struik family

We wanted a dark colored one on the wall behind the organ, so that it would look better. The wall was white over the entire length, and we thought a bit of a break in this would be a good idea. But because painting a plastered wall would often not produce a nice, straight line, we came up with the idea of ​​making a box of MDF panels behind it. This would also be better to go back to a flat/plastered wall if it is disappointing or if we are fed up with it.

How I made this project

We have two (black 9 mm.) Ordered MDF sheet parts, each with a bevelled edge so that they would fit better against each other and no white would show through from the wall behind it if there was some effect in it. We aligned these plates in the center of the organ and then attached them to the wall with percussion plugs. Then I drew out where the socket was hidden and made it visible again using a hole drill. After this, the plates only had to be painted (3x).

Dimensions of my DIY project

242.0 x 199.0 cm

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How next?

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