Plexiglass mirrors mounted on underlayment plates, by Mario

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In this DIY project, Mario shows how he used custom-sawn underlayment panels to mount plexiglass mirrors. Read more about his approach below.

Description of Mario

We have glued plexiglass mirrors to two wooden plates for a beautiful end result for the athletes in our strength sports area.

How I made this project

We glued thin plexiglass mirrors to two flat underlayment plates. These plates are custom made for the mirrors (with a small bleed on the left/right side for a 'floating effect'), which gives the whole an invisible effect. In addition, the thickness is tailored to the press frame that hangs next to it to ensure that the whole flows nicely. The wooden plates are attached to the concrete wall with 6 screws. This means that few mounting marks are visible, but the whole is firmly attached.

Dimensions of my DIY project

225.0 cm high and 124.0 cm wide

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