Shoe cabinet made of MDF with pine shelves

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For our hall I used wood from to make a shoe cabinet. Because it didn't have right angles, a rectangular cupboard wouldn't fit nicely and I decided to make something custom (in the style of the cupboard that was placed in the living room).

How did you make the cupboard? ?

A radiator was previously placed here in the hall. This did not work when we purchased the house, so we had the choice of what to do with this corner. Since it was sometimes a mess with the shoes, we opted to remove the radiator. First of all I made a frame to fit, with 44x44 spruce beams. Once it was ready, I could order all the components to size. The front and center are largely covered with 16mm MDF planks (the rear bulkhead is a 9mm MDF plank). These were all primed with MDF, after which they were treated with concrete-look paint. Cover the first time with the roller and a second time to create the concrete look effect.

I then ordered pine panels for the shelves in a thickness of 28 mm. . I immediately had the shelves cut to size, so they fit perfectly. I still had to saw the top shelf to size, because the corners were not right-angled. I sawed the slanted corners to make it fit nicely. After finishing the shelves with a bark-colored stain, I mounted them in the cupboard and attached the whole thing to the wall.

Result: a beautifully tidy hall, in which elements from the living room return.

What are the dimensions?

The dimensions are 105.0 cm wide by 75.0 cm high and 37.0 cm deep.

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How next?

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