Open shoe cabinet MDF foiled, by Doris

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3 minutes

Doris made a white open shoe cabinet herself out of cut panel material. By having us cut the panel material, he was able to create his ideal shoe cabinet for the hallway in his apartment and at the same time prevent a lot of dirt from getting in. Build a shoe cabinet yourself if you want to keep your apartment tidy!


An open shoe cabinet was to be in the entrance area where you could quickly put your shoes down to avoid bringing dirt into the apartment. The cabinet should also have a hanging device to improve ventilation of the shoes. Since drinks are to be placed on the upper shelf, the cabinet had to be very stable - so it had to be built yourself!

Description of work: How did you realize your project?

First of all, I found out on which material is best suited for foiling. After choosing the material, MDF primer film 18 mm, I calculated the required dimensions and placed the order, which arrived within a week. Since everything was cut to size, I could start drilling immediately.

  1. First I drilled the sloping side walls and fitted them with furniture connectors.
  2. Then I drilled the base plate and the top plate and fitted them with eccentrics.
  3. After I had also drilled and doweled the sloping side walls, I put the cabinet together and screwed on the back wall, which is only 12 mm thick.
  4. After assembly, I installed the hanging device for the shoes in the upper part. The hanging device was also the reason for building the shoe cabinet at an angle, i.e. narrower at the top (27 cm) than at the bottom (35 cm), because the shoes can then be loaded more easily.
  5. Finally, I lined the cupboard (unfortunately only partially so far, due to delivery problems with the foil) with a silver foil that matches the color of the rest of the furniture, and I trimmed the edges and attached felt pads to the floor.

As soon as the rest of the foil arrives, the shelves will also be covered with foil, but since that may take a while and the cupboard is already ready for use, I'm declaring my project finished. This was my very first project and I think I managed it pretty well for a beginner. Especially thanks to the dimensional accuracy of the material from Thank you very much.

Final size: What are the external dimensions?

Height 90.0 cm, length 100.0 cm, depth at the top 28.2 cm, depth at the bottom 36.2 cm

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