Own design bookcases on plywood wheels, by Herman

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Herman shares his self-designed bookcases on wheels, made of plywood. His creative project provides inspiration for creating functional and aesthetic storage solutions. He takes you through his experiences and steps in the DIY process, giving you insight into his unique approach.

Description by Herman

I made 2 bookcases on wheels with drawers of plywood. They are originally counterfeit cabinets from different designers, but I have changed them so that they now appear to come from one family. Everything is 18mm thick plywood birch wood.

How I made this project

Compared to existing cabinets, I made some adjustments to the design and the dimensions themselves 'invented' #039; by first roughly putting together the cabinets from old Ikea planks and placing them in our living room. Then I made some adjustments (changed depth and width slightly). I then made the working drawings in Illustrator and ordered wood on TOSIZE.it.

For the drawers I kept a margin of 2mm on the drawers. And I left 4 mm space between the blocks of the large box. This is how they look like stacked 'coffins'. The rounds that were removed from the drawer fronts are 35mm instead of the intended 40mm because that turned out to be too large during production. I first assembled it with masking tape and then shot everything together with a nail gun. This is a precise job because the nails I used were 5 cm long. So if you shoot a little crooked, the nail will come out through the side of the wood. Best to do this with 2 people as I did. I did not use any glue.

The insides of the drawers consist of 12mm plywood and I used slats to create guides for the large cabinet. The small cabinet slides over the shelf. I glued 2 tie-rips underneath so that it slides better. Then all edges were sanded and finished with matte UV-resistant wood lacquer. 2 to 3 layers. Finally, I placed the wheels underneath with screws.

Dimensions of my DIY project

  • Large cabinet: 54x35x80cm
  • Small cabinet: 40x30x44cm

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How next?

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