DIY MDF bunk bed cabinet with drawers, by Stijn

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Description by Stijn

To use the empty space between the bunk bed and the wall, I came up with a cupboard with both drawers from the side and space for books from the side of the bed. The cabinet can be made in any size you want, but keep in mind that the sizes remain practical. (What do you want to store in the drawers? How big are the books? etc.) Not visible in the photos, but a round recess has been made in the bookcase with a cable grommet to accommodate a lamp, charger or other electrical device in the cupboard. can put.

How I made this project

It consists of 4 separate cabinet parts that are stacked on top of each other. This makes it easy to make the cupboard in phases if you wish. With the construction, keep in mind that the load is mainly from top to bottom. I chose to make a 3D drawing instead of 2D drawings so that I could see more quickly in my opinion which sides should look super sleek and which sides need no or less attention.

h3>Dimensions of my DIY project

973x400x2200 (lxwxh)

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