Handmade cupboard in green and white for the living room, by Alex

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Create atmosphere with a homemade cabinet

Do you dream of a unique piece in your living room that is not only functional, but also completely exudes your style? Alex did just that with a beautiful DIY cabinet in shades of white and green. This is the perfect example of how to give a personal touch to your interior, with materials cut to size by TOSIZE.it.

The structure of the cabinet

The cabinet has a clean and modern look, consisting of MDF lacquer foil panels and a sleek black base. The doors are in a fresh green color that brings life to any room. The rest of the cabinet is bright white, which provides a stylish contrast.

Flexible and budget-friendly

The benefits of making this cabinet yourself are endless. Because you determine the sizes yourself, the piece of furniture always fits perfectly in your living room, or whatever room you choose. The choice of materials gives you the freedom to go for the best quality that fits within your budget.

The style of the cabinet

The cabinet that Alex has made reflects a modern and minimalist style that blends seamlessly into a contemporary living room. The combination of white and green creates a fresh and calm atmosphere, and the sleek design means that the piece of furniture will never look out of place.

The advantages of MDF Lacquer carrier film 22 mm

This type of MDF is ideal for detailed work such as furniture making. The surface is smooth and easy to work with, resulting in a professional finish.

Why choose MDF Lacquer Backing Film 18 mm?

Slightly thinner than the 22 mm variant, but still very robust. This panel is slightly lighter in weight, which makes it ideal for the inside of the furniture.

3 mm lacquer board used for the back

The cabinet is neatly finished with a 3 mm thick lacquer board, which not only provides strength, but also a smooth surface for a sleek look at the rear.

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How next?

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