Open Staircase closed with plywood, by Michael

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We had an open staircase and we have wanted to close it for a long time.
So I started looking for a site for sawing panels of wood to size.
I came to this website and ordered everything and it was delivered on time.

Stair renovation

I first thought everything out carefully and figured it out and in the end everything fell into place. br />I saw everything to the right degrees and in the end everything came together perfectly.
I can recommend it to everyone to close a staircase.
It is a very fun job to do yourself.
br />I did everything myself with a little help from my girlfriend.
We just need to give the stairs a lick of paint and then it's ready.

Custom stairs

Custom stairs h3>

I had 15 different sizes and they were perfectly cut.
I'm very happy that I ordered it here.

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