Closing an open staircase with custom-sawn plywood panels, by Jan

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Jan shows how he used the online sawing service to close his open staircase. After measuring the dimensions, he ordered custom-made plywood poplar panels. This way he could start his job immediately.

Description by Jan

I closed my stairs to the second floor with the beautiful custom-sawn Multiplex Poplar planks. After extensive research, we ultimately opted for pocket holes for attachment to the bottom of the top step. I liked it very much.

How I made this project

First measured everything with a laser meter. We can conclude that the height was almost the same for 14 of 15 steps. I only have one cm in height. measured from the bottom of the step. You will never get the height right unless you shorten it. Ordered planks. Pocket holes drilled (concealed wooden screw connection). Pre-drilled holes and placed a countersink so that the screws fit nicely into the wood. Cross-cut saw to cut the planks to size on site, including slanted corners. Nice construction for the ladder and going with that banana. There may be results. Took me and two friends about 4 hours. Soon I will fill the holes with wood filler, sand them and then the lady of the house can run the paint roller over them.

Dimensions of my DIY project

If you have stairs it should fit ;-) /p>

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How next?

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