Close an open staircase to the attic yourself with sawn primed MDF, by Kees

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Many houses have an attic and the stairs leading to it are often open. To save energy, among other things, many people choose to close the stairs to the attic. In this project, Kees shows how he tackled this job with sawn and primed MDF ordered online. 

Description by Kees

We are busy refreshing the hallway and landing and because we also want to save energy, we thought it would be a good idea to close the open stairs to the attic. We ordered the planks in the webshop in the correct width and slightly longer length.

How I made this project

First I removed the old wallpaper and carpet from the stairs and everything sanded and stripped. The MDF planks ordered online were mitered to the correct length and then mounted against the stair steps with screws and adhesive sealant. Then it was sealed, filled, painted and then the steps were also fitted with new transfer steps. The walls were covered with glass fiber and also painted. I am proud of the end result. You're done!

Dimensions of my DIY project


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