Make your own practical and handy cupboard under a sloping roof, by Roland

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To keep the stuff in the attic a bit out of sight, I planned to build a cupboard under the sloping roof. The cabinet consists of 5 push to open doors that I had cut to size at Super happy with it

Work description: how did you realize your project

First I started looking for examples on Pinterest and Instagram to get ideas. Then I made a design on the iPad. Measure approximately what I need with the tape measure and order. And then…. To build! First started with leveling the frame. Then I milled large holes in the doors for the hinges. Hinges on the doors fixed and mounted to the frame. Then I knew how wide the windowsill had to be and I could have it made to measure. After everything was confirmed it was time to paint. Because I had ordered primed MDF panels from, painting once was enough, except that I had filled the screw holes with a dark color and had to paint everything three times, mistake. Finally, I mounted an LED strip above the cabinet to make everything just that little bit more special. Thank you for cutting the materials to size! It was nice to work like that!

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

Doors were 50.0 × 80.0 and the cabinet itself is 350.0 × 80.0 cm

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