Make your own poplar plywood bed, just like Harro

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With Harro has made a crib. He had us cut the plywood for his bed to size! Are you curious about the result? Read more here!

Harro's crib

Harro had a number of planks cut to size from which he used as a base for his bed. He bought the bars and legs himself. The result is a beautiful, warm, custom-made crib that Harro did not have to use a sawing machine to create. Ideal!

Do you also want to make a crib for your future baby? Then design your crib yourself and order the parts from ! Are you not sure about your construction skills or do you want to be sure of a sturdy design for your crib? Then search for an existing crib design online. There are plenty to find! You can of course also adjust these designs to your own taste. One thing is certain: with custom-made sheet material from you know that everything fits exactly!

Jobs with Plywood Interior Poplar

Harro has chosen for his bedstead. , this is a plywood variant that is ideal for interior projects. It is therefore also suitable for a crib! Plywood has the appearance of solid wood and the poplar wood of this variant has a warm and calm appearance. In addition, it is also very lightweight, but also very sturdy. Ideal for limiting the weight of a crib!

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Dimensions of my DIY project

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