Homemade loft bed with integrated desk, by Femke

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Description of Femke

Our 10-year-old daughter wanted a bed with a 'hut' where she can chill with her friends. A desk should also not be missing. In addition, as a child you never have too much storage space, so lots of drawers and cupboards to store all her things make for a more cozy and peaceful atmosphere.

How I made this project

As a basis, we bought two loft beds from the Swedish home improvement store, via Marktplaats. One bed is half on top of the other bed. On the right side, the top bunk is supported by custom plywood cabinets. We made bed drawers under the bed, partly with existing drawers that we gave new fronts, and partly made new with plywood. The desk rests on one side on a beam mounted on the wall. On the other side we made a cupboard on which the top rests. All cabinets are made with 18mm plywood. The top is made of 30 mm plywood. For the wardrobe we reused old Pax drawers by giving them a new front.

Dimensions of my DIY project

4250 x 900 mm

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