Custom-made double built-in bed MDF, by Martin

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We made a built-in bed for our son. The bed fits exactly between the walls and is the same height as the windowsill. We used 18 mm MDF panels as material, which was sawn to size by

Custom built-in bed

Everything was sawn to size and glued end-to-end and where need some extra screws for reinforcement. We painted it with semi-gloss RAL 9010. This makes it fit in well with the room, which is also partly painted in RAL 9010. The bed is 80.0 cm high, which means there is space underneath to store things. We have placed two extra long slatted bases and an extra long mattress measuring 140.0 cm by 210.0 cm on the conversion.

The dimensions of the project

274.0 cm long , 140.0 cm wide and 80.0 cm high.

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