Hollow shelves made of primed MDF, by Erwin

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Very easy

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In addition to the closed fireplace, we wanted to fill the empty space. We heard about OPMAATZAGEN.nl through a colleague.
We have made two shelves here that are blindly attached to the wall.

Floating shelves

Step 1 measuring the shelves and determining the correct distances from each other.
Step 2, drawing out the shelves with the correct dimensions.
Step 3, ordering the material from OPMAATZAGEN.nl.
Step 4 putting the shelves together as you can see in the photo.
Step 5 drilling the slats on the wall for the blind mounting.
Step 6 sliding the shelves over the slats on the wall.
Step 7 filling the screw holes and painting the shelves.

The dimensions of the shelf

The outside dimensions are 114.6 cm wide and 35. 0cm deep and 5.8cm high.

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