Floating bookshelves and sliding doors made of MDF, by Julian

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2 minutes

Description by Julian

Three floating bookshelves and four sliding doors made of MDF. The bookshelves give us more space to neatly store the books and other accessories. The sliding doors hide the robot vacuum cleaner and give it a nicer look.

How I made this project

Started by painting the corner in a new color. After applying the paint & wallpaper, we created a frame for the 3 bookshelves using pine wood. We secured this securely in the wall. To be on the safe side, we only then took the measurements to order the MDF planks, to be 100% sure that everything would fit perfectly. When the MDF arrived, we mounted the bookshelves on the frame with MDF screws, after which we filled the screw holes with MDF filler. After this, lightly sand, prime and apply two layers of lacquer with results! For the MDF sliding doors we only saw a corner ourselves to fit properly around the skirting board. These were also lightly sanded, primed and 2 layers of lacquer on top and then they could be mounted. All in all, a very nice result with a completely new corner near the fireplace!

Dimensions of my DIY project

Bookshelves: Length: 151.0 cm Depth: 25.0 cm Thickness: 8.0 cm

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