Self-assembled floating MDF wall shelves, by Mark

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Description of Mark

3 wall shelves. Cut to size and mitered by Previously there was a cupboard here, which made the room very dark. With these shelves you can store a lot of things and the bottom shelf is a craft/coloring table for the kids.

How I made this project

MDF panels of 12 mm Any MDF shelf consists of a top and bottom panel, one long side of each panel is mitered at 45 degrees. The panel at the front is mitered at 45 degrees on both long sides and is 7.0 cm wide. This is also the thickness of 1 wall plank. These 3 panels form 1 wall shelf, reinforced on the inside with wood and glued together. Then everything was primed and finished with a scratch-resistant Histor wood lacquer. 3 pieces of wood of 45 mm are attached to the wall (left, right and at the back). You then slide the wall planks over this. These are hung without visible mounting.

Dimensions of my DIY project

141.5 cm wide 61.0 cm deep 7.0 cm thick

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