A homemade washing machine cabinet and walk-in closet made of black MDF, by Maarten

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In this DIY project, Maarten shows how he made two custom cabinets using custom-ordered MDF moisture-resistant black. By ordering the sawing work online, he could start his job immediately. Read more about his experience below.

Description by Maarten

Conversion made for washing machine and dryer. In addition, a built-in wardrobe was created in the space next to the bedroom.

How I made this project

Measured everything, made a drawing of how we saw the cabinets and then ordered everything to size. After everything was in, we started connecting everything. The connections were made with corner reinforcements and pieces of leftover wood. We had to make a few adjustments here and there, because when we started measuring there was no floor or plasterwork yet. All in all, a nice job for a novice handyman. Learned a lot for the next project!

Dimensions of my DIY project

Very different depending on the space.

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How next?

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