A custom-made leaf enlarger for a chest of drawers, by Serginho

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Serginho shares his experience in enlarging the chest of drawers. For this purpose, he ordered a custom pine carpentry panel online. Read more about his approach below.

Description of Serginho

Because we are expecting our first child soon and my partner would like to change straight instead of crosswise, we made a leaf enlarger ourselves from 18 mm pine carpentry panels, because the changing table also has a pine top

How I made this project

First of all, we measured the changing table and calculated the dimensions based on the changing pad. be used for the sheet enlarger. We then passed on all the dimensions via this great site/this great company and indicated that all sides to be beveled had to be bevelled. For the two parts with a rounded corner, it turned out that in the company's device no narrow wooden pieces fit, this had to be at least a certain number of cm, so we took a wide piece with two rounded corners and after receiving the order, we sawed this piece into two parts ourselves with a circular saw on a saw table. We then saw all parts were coated with matte varnish for a total of 3 layers of matte varnish. We then screwed the upright part together and secured the long back shelf (which is as wide as the chest of drawers itself) to the chest of drawers with L-brackets and as a final step the upright part screwed onto the dresser. We are completely satisfied with the result: it looks as if the leaf enlarger has always been on the original dresser!

Dimensions of my DIY project

The long shelf is 159.3 cm in accordance with the chest of drawers at 12.3 cm. The upright parts are all 11.0 cm high. The radius of the corners is 7.0 cm. Of course, all these dimensions depend on your own chest of drawers and the dimensions of your own changing mat.

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How next?

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