Two old style panel doors custom made, Jan Willem

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Jan Willem

Jan Willem



2 minutes

Older homes often contain beautiful details. When renovating or rebuilding, it is sometimes difficult to find matching building materials. Reproducing it yourself with sawn sheet material is a solution. A job that is ideal for this is replicating old panel doors. In this project Jan-Willem shows how he tackled this.

Description of Jan-Willem

At the customer's request, two matching panel doors were made to match the previously made one, restored to its former glory. ensuite and door and painted in blossom white.

How I made this project

I previously made the ensuite and the panel door of the living room for the customer and now two matching panel doors for the bedroom and guest room so that all doors have the same appearance. Order placed after drawing. All parts are laid out in the correct pattern and glued with sealant to the base panel. Hence the back of the door is flat. After this, the quarter rounds 16 by 16 were mitered to size and also glued with sealant. After this, the hinges were feared and the lock drilled. The doors were then ready to be painted. The end edges have been primed twice with MDF and the doors have been painted twice in blossom white. Finally, the doors were fitted with hinges and locks on location and hung to the customer's satisfaction.

Dimensions of my DIY project

90.0 x 210.0 cm

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