Make your own custom cupboard doors from MDF for the IKEA method cupboard, by Helene

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Helene used the online sawing service to make custom IKEA Method doors with MDF panels. She couldn't find the doors she liked so she decided to make them herself. In this DIY project she shares her experience.

Description by Helene

I couldn't find the right or other beautiful doors for our new kitchen cabinet, so I decided to make them myself with the wood sawn to size.

How I made this project

After carefully measuring the required wood, I placed an order. This was delivered neatly. After this, I made three doors from a sheet of MDF with MDF slats on top to get the right look. I attached it with wood glue. After this I smoothed the edges with MDF filler to disguise the fact that the loose plates were on top of each other. After this, the holes were drilled for the hinges and handles. They were then primed twice and given 3 layers of matte varnish to properly apply the final color.

Dimensions of my DIY project

80.0 cm x 60.0 cm (3 pieces)

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